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Introduction to the working principle of urokinase production equipment

  Urokinase production equipment is the main production or from the application of urokinase products equipment, there are many different kinds of this type of equipment and is equipped with a separate device inside the equipment, the separation device is called "chromatography column", chromatography column is made of organic glass, simpler to use smart, and easy to operate, the transparency of organic glass is wonderful, In this way, the color change of the material inside can be clearly observed when operating the equipment, which improves the separation efficiency. Let's take a look at how the device works.

Introduction to the working principle of urokinase production equipment

  1. There are many processes for the production of urokinase, and the most frequently used methods are algal soil method and 724 resin method.

  2. The main operation procedure is to collect the urine first, using a special plastic bucket for collection.

  3. Collect fresh urine.

  4. Only male urine can be collected. Female urine can contain red blood cells and other components, and if female urine is used, protease in urine will be degraded.

  5. Urine is best kept below 10 degrees Celsius and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Rapid cooling can be done with ice or other methods such as refrigeration.

  6. Regulate your urine PH.

  7. Let the urine sit for an hour and siphon the supernatant. Any grayish sediment needs to be removed.

  8. Adsorption urokinase: The clear liquid on the siphon is prepared for stirring and adsorption, and the time is 1 hour. The resin will naturally sink, remove the residual urine and collect the resin.

  9. Wash the collected resin three times with tap water, and then wash it three times with non-ionized water until the urine is colorless.

  10. Pour the urine into the equipment for elution. Do it in two batches for 30 minutes each.

  11. Add solid ammonium sulphate to the eluted liquid, and add hydrochloric acid when a certain saturation is reached, and precipitate for 6 to 7 hours.

  12. The collected brown urokinase precipitates were filtered with pulp, drained and stored in a cryogenic freezer or refrigerator freezer.

  13. Finally, the resin regeneration, the new resin soaked in alcohol for three hours, washed with water, and then soaked in distilled water for 24 hours, the use of chemicals soaked in water can be used.

  This is the working principle of the urokinase production equipment. Welcome to contact Kangyuan company if necessary