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  Raw urokinase for simple is a kind of alkaline protease, it is produced by the kidney, it exists in the human body and mammal urine, mainly using domain is used for the treatment of thrombosis, because in the coagulation of blood normal function of the human body, if it is in some pathological condition, internal form thrombus, clogging blood circulation can cause serious consequences, This product is soluble in blood clots, but not directly used for the blood clot itself, the following is to introduce the production process of this product, let's understand it.

  1. Use a special plastic bucket to collect male urine. Pay attention to the freshness of the urine. The collected urine should be kept below 10 degrees Celsius and treated as soon as possible.

  2.Cool your urine quickly Use ice or other effective methods to cool your urine.

  3. After cooling, let the urine stand for one hour and siphon the supernatant to remove the sediment.

  4. Stir and adsorb urine for about an hour to stop stirring, resin will naturally sink, continue to siphon to remove residual urine, resin collection.


The Human Menopausal Gonadotropin  supplier

     5. Clean the collected resin with water for three times, and then clean it with non-ionized water for three times until the urine has no color.

  6. The first eluent takes one hour and the second one takes 30 minutes. Collect the eluent and combine the two eluents.

  7. Add solid ammonium sulphate according to eluting liquid volume. After precipitation, use pulp to filter and collect brown product precipitate, drain the precipitate and store it in low temperature freezer or refrigerator freezer.

  8 resin regeneration mainly use hydrochloric acid stirring washing for one hour, wash to neutral.

  9. The treatment method of the new resin is to use alcohol to soak for three hours before washing, then soak with distilled water for 24 hours, and then wash to neutral after soaking for three hours, and then wash before use.

  About the production process of urokinase crude products will be introduced here, if you need the product or product extraction equipment, you are welcome to call us at any time, welcome to consult!