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Urokinase manufacturers for you to introduce the characteristics of storage tank equipment

  Storage tank equipment belongs to the storage series of products, mainly used for storage of acid and alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other refined chemical substances, the product is divided into horizontal,; Vertical and spherical storage tank, according to its medium can be divided into physical state, tank shape, tank internal pressure three, storage tank design will consider the nature of the medium, site conditions and liquefied gas these three factors, to understand together.

Urokinase manufacturers for you to introduce the characteristics of storage tank equipment

  1. According to its size classification, there are large storage tanks, vertical storage tanks and small storage tanks, most of which are horizontal storage tanks.

  2. According to its structure, it is classified into fixed roof, floating roof and spherical storage tank, etc.

  3. According to its form to classify only into vertical and horizontal two kinds.

  4. According to its use to classify, divided into production tank and storage tank.

  5. According to the classification of oil can be divided into crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, edible oil and fire water storage tank six kinds of storage tank.

  6. According to their location, they are classified into above ground, underground, semi-underground, sea and seabed storage tanks.

  7. According to the material to distinguish can be divided into tank material and auxiliary facilities material, the tank material basic use of strong steel and high strength steel, because the tensile yield strength of these two is relatively high, auxiliary facilities materials including wind ring beam, lock, coil ladder, guardrailing, the four auxiliary facilities are low ordinary carbon structure.

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