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Urokinase Manufacturer describes the regeneration method of Urokinase specific silica gel

  Urokinase for silica gel is a kind of silica gel specifically for the use of urokinase adsorption, it is a highly active adsorption materials, special products is to use the best quality silica gel as a raw material for fine processing production, finished product can be used in accordance with the different components and properties characteristics, can effectively determine the basic adsorption retention time, with a white color is a kind of particulate matter, It is very safe and hygienic to use. After adsorption and use, it needs to be regenerated. The following is to introduce the method of regeneration.

Urokinase Manufacturer describes the regeneration method of Urokinase specific silica gel

  1. Raw materials required for product regeneration include hydrochloric acid and silica gel.

  2. Tools needed are: plastic bucket, mixer.

  3. Concentrate the adsorbed silica gel and put it into the recycling bucket. At this time, add clean water.

  4. Turn on the blender, stir the water and the silica gel for adsorption evenly, and turn off the blender.

  5. After silica gel precipitation, the water will be pumped away, and the dirt on the surface will also be pumped out.

  6. After pumping out the water and dirt, use hydrochloric acid to adjust the PH value to about 1, then turn on the blender and stir for about 2 hours.

  7. After stirring for 2 hours, dilute hydrochloric acid with water and perform replacement until the PH value of silica gel reaches 7.0. At this time, silica gel will be regenerated.

  8. It should be noted that hydrochloric acid is corrosive, and attention should be paid to eye protection when operating.

  The regeneration method of urokinase special silica gel is introduced here first. If necessary, please contact us directly. Welcome to consult.