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Talk about the features of the column manufacturer in the Urokinase production equipment

  The chromatography column is one of the essential equipment in the production equipment of urokinase. The chromatography process requires a special adsorbant to selectively adsorb the effective part from the plant extract, and then remove the invalid components of a new separation and purification process. The equipment can effectively solve the plant extraction production process faced with large dose, product moisture absorption or heavy metal residue and other practical problems, the following for you to specifically introduce the characteristics of the product.

Talk about the features of the column manufacturer in the Urokinase production equipment

  1. The equipment design is reasonable, reasonable height to diameter ratio, precision inlet and outlet fluid distribution device, effectively ensure the filling effect of chromatography column equipment and filler regeneration effect, provide an effective guarantee for efficient separation work.

  2. The equipment is made of stainless steel material, the equipment is polished inside and outside, relatively corrosion resistant, long service life, very high hardness, transportation safety.

  3. The equipment has high efficiency, easy operation and no pollution.

  4. The operation process of the equipment is simple and convenient. It only needs six steps to complete the operation.

  5. The equipment uses a unique column chromatography technology, also known as column chromatography technology, its main principle is according to the drug mixture of each component in the fixed phase and flow distribution coefficient is different, after repeated distribution can be separated components.

  About the characteristics of urokinase production equipment column analysis equipment for you to introduce here, if there is a need to directly contact us, welcome to consult!