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Urokinase manufacturers on the use of reaction kettle equipment matters needing attention

  Reaction kettle equipment is a kind of physical or chemical reaction vessel, need operation of the container structure design and parameter configuration, so as to realize cooling and heating, evaporation, low speed of mixed function, the equipment is widely used in petroleum, chemical, agricultural chemicals, food and other industries, equipment materials are mostly made of stainless steel and carbon manganese steel, Next, let's take a look at the matters needing attention when using the device.

Urokinase manufacturers on the use of reaction kettle equipment matters needing attention

  1. The reaction kettle is a kind of reaction equipment, which requires high attention during operation, otherwise it will be damaged for many reasons and the uploading will be forced to stop.

  2. The equipment must be operated in accordance with the rules and regulations.

  3. Before operation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the equipment has abnormal conditions.

  4. The equipment shall not open the upper cover and touch the wiring terminals on the board during operation to avoid electric shock.

  5. Do not operate the equipment with pressure. In the process of pressure test with nitrogen, you need to carefully observe the change of the pressure gauge.

  6. When the reactor body is heated to a relatively high temperature, pay attention not to contact with the reactor body to avoid being scalded. After the completion of the experiment, it is necessary to cool down first, and speed cooling cannot be adopted to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature difference pressure.

  7. It is recommended to carry out effective maintenance after use, so as to prolong its service life.

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