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The characteristics of pure water unit of urokinase extraction equipment are introduced

  Pure water machine is one part of urokinase extraction equipment, in the process of the extraction of urokinase without it, including the suction filter barrels, mixing tank, and column chromatography, are short of one cannot, pure water machine is a collection of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet radiation sterilization and purification technology and the integration of equipment, mainly is the tap water directly into ultrapure water device, Its core component is pure water unit. The purified water made by the equipment is relatively more sanitary, safe and fresh. Next, I will focus on introducing this equipment to you.

The characteristics of pure water unit of urokinase extraction equipment are introduced

  1. The pure water unit adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane as the water purification device, which is a relatively advanced reverse osmosis technology.

  2. The whole process needs to go through five stages of filtration, which can comprehensively play the effective role of each filter element to remove the original water sediment, suspended matter, soluble solid, heat source and other harmful substances, and only retain water molecules and dissolved oxygen.

  3. The equipment adopts the silent high pressure pump, the service life is longer.

  4. The equipment is safe and reliable in quality.

  5. The pretreatment filter element in the equipment can be replaced to effectively ensure the effect of pretreatment, and the replacement is also convenient. The price of the replacement core is relatively economic and there is no need to worry about it.

  6. The equipment has the function of high pressure permeation membrane, which can effectively extend the service life of the permeation membrane.

  7. The equipment adopts automatic control device in the process of water making. If the raw water is short of water, it will stop and the bucket responsible for water reserve will stop when it is full.

  On the urokinase extraction equipment in the characteristics of the pure water unit for you to introduce here, if you need urokinase products and extraction equipment can be treated to contact us, welcome to inquire!