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The extraction process of filter barrel in urokinase extraction equipment is introduced

  Urokinase extraction equipment on the working process of the suction filter barrels, the suction filter barrel is now biological processing industry one of the most basic vacuum dehydration of special equipment, through the form a complete set of equipment to use, can achieve better purification filter function, the device can be widely used in chemical production, and pharmaceutical processing, oil refining and pesticides and environmental protection industry, Let's take a look at the extraction process of a filter barrel in a urokinase extraction device.

The extraction process of filter barrel in urokinase extraction equipment is introduced

  1. The instrument needs to be installed first. The inclined surface at the lower end of the funnel tube needs to be toward the suction nozzle, but it should not be too close to it to avoid the filtrate being sucked away from the suction nozzle.

  2. It is necessary to check whether the connection between the cloth funnel and the pumping filter bottle is tight, and whether there is air leakage at the connecting port of the pumping pump.

  3. Trim the filter paper to make it slightly smaller than the cloth funnel, but cover all the holes and drip in distilled water to make a tight connection between the filter paper and the funnel.

  4. Use a glass rod for drainage to transfer the solid mixture onto the filter paper.

  5. Open the switch of the pumping pump and start the pumping and filtration work.

  6. If the solid to be filtered needs washing, you can sprinkle a small amount of solvent on the solid, let it stand for a while, and then drain it.

  7. After filtering, remove the nozzle of the filter bottle and then close the pump.

  8. When removing solids from the funnel, the funnel should be first removed from the suction filter bottle, the left hand holding the funnel tube, inverted filtration, and then "pat" the left hand with the right hand, so that the solids together with the filter paper fall into the clean paper or surface gas plate, remove the filter paper, and then dry the solids.

  9. It should be noted that the solution should be poured out from the top of the suction flask.

  10. When the equipment stops pumping and filtering, it is necessary to unscrew the cock on the safety bottle first, and then close the pumping pump after it is restored to normal pressure.

  Urokinase extraction equipment in the pumping filter bucket pumping process is introduced to you here, if there is a need to directly contact Kang Yuan, welcome to inquire!