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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin API Supplier describes its considerations

  Velvet gonadotrophin is a produce a kind of glycoprotein hormones in the placenta, mainly from the urine of pregnant women, the main is has some medicinal value in medicine, for women would help follicle maturation and ovulation, for men can promote the function of fine tube and so on, in order to increase production of androgens, Then the next focus on the introduction of this product in the use of some matters needing attention, together to understand it.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin API Supplier describes its considerations

  1.Use this product can promote ovulation, can increase the rate of multiple pregnancies.

  2.This product should be used with caution in patients suffering from prostatic enlargement, asthma, heart disease, migraine, renal impairment, etc.

  3. When ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ovarian enlargement, pleural effusion, ascites and other complications are found, medication should be stopped or doctors should be consulted.

  4. The possibility of multiple pregnancies should be explained to patients before use, and frequent inquiries about adverse reactions and regular clinical examinations should be conducted during use.

  5.For false positives in the pregnancy test, tests should be performed 10 days after taking the drug.

  6.Athletes and patients with hypertension should use this product with caution.

  7. This product shall be prepared temporarily before application.

  Attention should be paid to check the patient frequently during the medication period.

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