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Urokinase manufacturers talk about the maintenance of mixing tank equipment

  In the process of production and is made with urokinase indispensable a device that is the drum, then mixing tank just as its name implies is used for mixing equipment, in addition to stir the device the mixed, harmonic, the effect of homogeneous product, the equipment in the whole mixing process can realize the front-rear automatic control, automatic mixing control or other manual control can be implemented, So let's take a look at that.

  The maintenance methods of stirring tank equipment introduced by the urokinase manufacturer are as follows:

Urokinase manufacturers talk about the maintenance of mixing tank equipment

  1. The mixing tank equipment is atmospheric pressure equipment. If the pipeline of the heat exchanger is smooth, it is also regarded as atmospheric pressure.

  2. The reducer needs to be equipped with industrial gear oil, the first run for 20 days (after the oil and clean the oil in the tank, after every 3-5 months to replace and clean the tank.

  3. If the equipment is equipped with a condenser, it can be judged whether the heat exchange pipe should be cleaned according to the heat exchange effect.

  4. The loading amount in the mixing tank should be strictly in accordance with the effective volume of the mixing tank. Overloading is strictly prohibited to avoid burning out the motor or damaging the reducer and other components.

  5. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned, lubricated everywhere and cut off the power supply.

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