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Urokinase manufacturers on the construction of chromatographic column equipment

  Urokinase manufacturers introduce the structure of the column equipment, chromatography column is the main body of gel chromatography technology, generally with glass tube or plexiglass tube, mainly using a chromatography, then the structure of the equipment is what? Next, follow Xiaobian to understand it together.

  The configuration of the chromatography column equipment summarized by the urokinase manufacturer is as follows:

Urokinase manufacturers on the construction of chromatographic column equipment

  1. The equipment is equipped with a layer bearing shelf.

  2. Fixed rod for chromatography column, adjustable open partition board, waterproof internal power socket.

  3. Automatic condensation and evaporation of gas, so that no liquid dripping in the box, all transparent glass as the door with electric heating, no condensation, no water, the door with a lock, tall space in the cabinet, the highest point is 1.5 meters, easy to install instruments and equipment in the cabinet.

  4. Our high performance chromatographic refrigerators are equipped with carefully selected microprocessor control system, forced air flow system, industrial quality cabinet construction and integrated foaming insulation and superstrength refrigeration inlet compressor for industrial, clinical and scientific applications.

  5. Two multifunctional access ports, easy to connect the instrument pipeline and circuit, and easy to set up the instrument and equipment in the cavity.

  6. Forced air circulation can ensure the uniform temperature between all brackets, and the surrounding closed door liner can keep the tightness.

  7. With its own light, disinfection light, cabinet is equipped with power socket; With over-temperature and differential temperature alarm function, high and low temperature automatically cut off, to ensure safety; Under the caster, easy to move.

  The structure of the chromatographic column equipment urokinase manufacturers will first introduce here, more relevant information please continue to pay attention to us.