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The production technology of urokinase crude product is introduced for you

  Urokinase crude products must through introducing the before everybody is not strange, the benefits and the market is very considerable, because this has the very important medicinal value, so now also has studied the extraction methods of many products, at present there are mainly three kinds of extraction methods are respectively foaming method, precipitant method and adsorbent, and what of the concrete operation process?

  The production process of urokinase crude product is described as follows:

  1. Collect urine: male urine is collected by special plastic buckets and the freshness of urine relationship with yield and quality is bigger, urine urokinase protease in acidic conditions, hematuria and female urine contains the intestines powder, such as red blood cells affect the yield and quality, so only use male urine as raw material, urine is best stored in below 10 degrees Celsius to deal with as soon as possible, rapid cooling.

The production technology of urokinase crude product is introduced for you

  2. Adsorption urokinase: the supernatant of the siphon will be adjusted with hydrochloric acid plus 1% into the resin, stirring adsorption 1 hour after the stop stirring, the resin naturally sink, siphon, remove the residual urine, collect the resin.

  3. Washing and cleaning: wash the collected resin with tap water for three times, and then wash it with ionized-free water for three times until the urine is colorless, and then remove the supernatant.

  4. Elution: for the first elution, eluent was stirred with 3.5% volume for elution for one hour, and the second eluent was eluted with the same eluent for 30 minutes. The eluent was collected by pumping and the volume was measured by combining two eluents.

  5. Ammonium sulphate precipitation: add solid ammonium sulphate in accordance with the eluent, and when it reaches a certain saturation, collect brown urokinase through paper pulp filtration for precipitation, and then drain it and store it in freezer freezer.

  The last step is to regenerate the resin and wash it with hydrochloric acid for one hour until it is neutral.

  The production process of urokinase crude products is introduced here first. If there is any need, welcome to call at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly!