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Urokinase extraction equipment in the work of common problems for you to analyze

  Urokinase extraction equipment compared to everyone is not unfamiliar, mainly used to extract urokinase special equipment, frequent use of equipment will inevitably appear some small problems, such as: low yield, low unit potency, more small molecules and so on, so encounter this kind of problem how to solve?

  Common problems in the work of urokinase extraction equipment are described as follows:

       1.There are more crude small molecules of urokinase: this kind of situation is mainly caused by unstable urokinase, easy denaturation, resulting in decreased activity, and easy degradation, so that the small and medium molecules of urokinase increase. In addition to strictly following the process requirements, we should try to speed up the processing and shorten the interval time.

Urokinase extraction equipment in the work of common problems for you to analyze

  2. Low unit potency of urokinase crude gram: such situation is mainly related to factors such as adsorption, washing after adsorption, and the amount of collected diatomite after filtration.

  3. Decrease of product yield: it is related to the quality of urine, cleaning of various containers, treatment and addition of silica gel, concentration of various solutions and pH value, reagents used and other factors. Urokinase is easy to degrade, and all operations should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

  About the urokinase extraction equipment in the work process of some common problems and solutions for you to introduce this first, for more information about related products please continue to pay attention to us.