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Urokinase manufacturers on the reactor equipment structure composition

  Reaction kettle equipment is a kind of physical or chemical reaction container, mainly through the structural design and parameter configuration of the container to complete the work, then what is the structure of the equipment?

  The structural composition of the reaction kettle equipment summarized by the urinase manufacturer is as follows:

Urokinase manufacturers on the reactor equipment structure composition

  1. The kettle body.

  2. The kettle cover.

  3. The jacket.

  4. Blender.

  5. Transmission device.

  6. Shaft seal device.

  7. Support.

  8. Mixing device in the high diameter is relatively large, available multi-layer stirring blade.

  9. A jacket is set outside the kettle wall, or a heat replacement surface is set inside the device, and the heat exchange can also be carried out through the external circulation.

  10. The bearing seat has support or ear support, etc., and the gear reducer should be used when the speed exceeds 160 revolutions. The number of holes, specifications or other requirements can be designed and made according to customer requirements.

  The reaction kettle equipment structure composition of the Urokinase manufacturer will first introduce you here, want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the company's official website dynamic!