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Urokinase manufacturer discusses the benefits and applications of Urokinase extraction

  Kangyuan mainly produces crude urokinase companies, crude products can be used for the processing and purification of biological urokinase products, then what are the benefits and applications in the extraction of this kind of products?

  Benefits and application of urokinase extraction urokinase manufacturers are described as follows:

  1. Cerebrovascular disease: within 6h ~ 6 days after the occurrence of stroke symptoms of acute cerebral thrombosis, 100 people can be treated with 1 ton of urokinase extracted from urine by intravenous infusion or infusion of 60,000 U.

  2. Acute venous thrombosis: the first dose can be 60,000-180,000 U per day, then changed to 60,000-U, twice a day, 7-10 days, one person needs urokinase 420,000-780,000 U,1 ton of urine can treat 8-10 people.

Urokinase manufacturer discusses the benefits and applications of Urokinase extraction

  3. During the operation of acute arterial embolization thrombotomy: 60,000U was injected and 60,000U continued to be used after the operation, twice a day for 5-7 days. One person needed 300,000-420,000 U of urokinase for treatment, and one ton of urine could treat 10-20 person-times.

  4. Acute myocardial infarction: 0.5 million U was dissolved in 20ml 25% glucose solution by intravenous infusion, and then 0.5 million U was added to 500 ml 5% glucose solution by intravenous infusion. One person needed 1 million U of urokinase, and 1 ton of urine could treat 6 people.

  5. Ophthalmic application: daily intravenous drip or push injection of 10,000-20,000 U, or 200-500U dissolved in 0.5 ml of water for injection under conjunctiva or after the ball injection, 1 ton of urine can treat 600 people.

  6. Coronary artery infusion: 200,000-1 million units dissolved in sodium chloride injection or 5% glucose injection 20-60 ml in coronary artery infusion, at the rate of 11,000-20,000 units per minute, the dosage can be adjusted according to the patient's body weight, physical condition and thrombolytic effect, 1 ton of urine can treat 6-30 people.

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