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What issues should be addressed when using the Urokinase extraction technology produced by Urokinase manufacturer?

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  What problems should be paid attention to in the extraction of urokinase?

  1. Recovery method of urokinase

  2. Purification process of recombinant human prourokinase, a new thrombolytic drug

  3. Five kinds of urokinase variants and their expression in E. coli

  Anti-urokinase monoclonal antibody, with its substrate, its test method, and the biochemical test kit using it

  5. Method of preparing single chain urokinase

  6. Urokinase receptor ligand

  7. Low molecular weight derivatives of prourokinase and medicinal compositions containing them

  8. Production of human prourokinase

  9. A plasma fibrinogen activator complex formed by the covalent connection of pure prourokinase enzyme and human serum albumin through a disulfide bridge bond

What issues should be addressed when using the Urokinase extraction technology produced by Urokinase manufacturer?

  10. Production method of urokinase

  11. Methods of using insect cells to efficiently express human prourokinase and other useful proteins

  12. Bifunctional urokinase variants with improved fibrinolytic properties and thrombin inhibitory activity

  13. Prourokinase mutants

  14. Preparation method of recombinant human glycosylated prourokinase

  Urokinase inhibitors

  Isoquinoline compound used as a urokinase inhibitor

  17. Prourokinase mutant

  18. Anti-cancer effect of antisense nucleic acid targeting urokinase type plasminogen activator gene

  Affinity ligands of prourokinase and urokinase

  Inhibitors of urokinase and angiogenesis

  Isoquinoline compounds used as urokinase inhibitors

  22. Prourokinase and urokinase affinity ligands and their uses

  23. A class of prourokinase variants that can be activated by urokinase or itself, and their encoding genes, preparation method and use

  24. New uses of recombinant prourokinase

  25. A purification method for recombinant human prourokinase

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