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Do you know all of these points for the Urofollitropin price

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  In the patient that promote ovulation, the main purpose that makes urine to urge sex hormone is to promote the development of follicle, want to decide how to make urine to urge sex hormone according to the development of follicle, under normal circumstances is 75 units at a time, use five days continuously. Ovulation induction is performed after the follicle has matured.

Do you know all of these points for the Urofollitropin price

  First, before the use of drugs must go through a comprehensive examination of the body, including six tests of sex hormones, to understand the ovarian function, estradiol, and need to do laboratory tests of liver and kidney function, as well as thyroid function examination, after a comprehensive evaluation in order to give medication under the guidance of the doctor.

  Second, in the process of medication, we must pay attention to the growth and development of follicles through B ultrasound to monitor, when the follicle to achieve the advantage of the time can choose to have sex, so as to improve the odds of pregnancy.

  Third, it is recommended to inject chorionic gonadotropin into the muscle after the follicle is dominant to promote follicle rupture and egg discharge. It should be noted that during the process of ovulation induction, if there is oliguria, dyspnea or distention in the lower abdomen, it may be caused by ovarian overstimulation, and timely medical treatment is recommended.

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