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Urofollitropin Price introduces the role of urinary gonadotropin

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  Urinary follicle stimulating hormone, also known as urinary gonadotropin, is a kind of gonadotropin drugs, widely used in clinical, especially in the reproductive system and assisted reproduction has an important role. The following is a brief introduction to the role of urotropin.

Urofollitropin Price introduces the role of urinary gonadotropin

  Urinary gonadotropin as a gonadotropin drugs, as the name suggests, is to promote the secretion of gonadotropin, has a variety of roles :① promote the growth and development of follicles, clinical use and chorionic gonadotropin and clomiphene together to induce ovulation. ② promote ovarian secretion of estrogen, increase the thickness of the endometrium, relieve women's menstrual volume, amenorrhea and other symptoms. ③ promote the secretion of testosterone in male testicles.

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