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Effect of urinary follicle stimulating hormone injection

  Urinary gonadotropin (HMG) is extracted from the urine of postmenopausal women, also known as postmenopausal gonadotropin. 75U preparation contains 75U of FSH and 75U of LH, which can promote the growth and development of follicles. Usually starting from the 2nd to 3rd day of menstruation, intramuscular injection of 50-150U is given daily or every other day until the follicles mature. The development of follicles was monitored by transvaginal ultrasound. After the development of follicles and maturation, 5000U intramuscular injection of chorionic gonadotropin was given to promote ovulation and luteinization.

Effect of urinary follicle stimulating hormone injection

  Foreign studies of the same variety have reported that in voluntary healthy women with inhibition of endogenous FSH, single dose (225IU) and multiple dose (10I×7 days) of Bravelle were not bioequivalent between subcutaneous injection and intramuscular injection of Bravelle, according to the steady state ratio of FSHCmax and AUC. The steady-state ratio of CM to AUC was 77.7% with multiple doses of intramuscular Bravelle and 81.8% with subcutaneous Bravelle.

  Absorption: Maximal plasma concentrations of Bravelle FSH were achieved at 20.5h and 17.4h, respectively, with a single dose of subcutaneous and intramuscular Bravelle FSH, but with multiple doses of Bravelle, both reached approximately 10h with a single dose of subcutaneous and intramuscular Bravelle The mean half-lives of Bravelle were 31.8h and 37h, respectively, but the multi-dose (7 days) Bravelle injection was 20.6h and 15.2h, respectively.

  The treatment regimen for superovulatory women consists of starting the second or third day of the menstrual cycle with 150 to 225IU of this product daily, adjusting the dose according to the patient's response (maximum daily dose does not exceed 450IU), and continuing treatment until adequate follicular development is achieved. The final maturation of follicles was induced by a single injection of 10,000 IU of HCG 24 to 48 hours after the last injection of this product.