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Diagnostic significance of human chorionic gonadotropin

  1. Diagnosis of early pregnancy: HCG can rise to more than 2500 IU/L 35 ~ 50 days after pregnancy. It can reach 80000 IU/L at 60-70 days. The urine HCG of multiple pregnancies is often higher than that of single pregnancies.

  2. Diagnosis and treatment monitoring of trophoblastic tumors. ① The urine HCG in patients with hydatidiform mole, malignant hydatidiform mole, chorioepithelial carcinoma and testicular teratoma increased significantly, which could reach 100 thousand to several million IU/L. It can be diagnosed by dilution test, such as 1:500 diluted urine positive before 12 weeks of gestation, and 1:250 diluted urine positive after 12 weeks of gestation, which is valuable for the diagnosis of hydatidiform mole. A positive urine dilution of 1:100 ~ 1:500 is also valuable for the diagnosis of choriocarcinoma. For example, elevated HCG in urine in men, testicular tumors such as seminocarcinoma, malformation and ectopic HCG tumor should be considered. ② The urine hCG of trophoblastic cell tumor patients should be less than 50 IU/L 3 weeks after surgery, and it was negative at 8-12 weeks. If HCG does not decrease or turn negative, it suggests that there may be residual lesions. Such cases are prone to recurrence, so regular examinations are needed.

Diagnostic significance of human chorionic gonadotropin

  3. Other periods of menopause, ovulation and bilateral oophorectomy can increase luteinizing hormone (LH). Because of the same α-peptide chain composition of LH and HCG, pregnancy test using anti-HCG antibody is positive, which can be identified by β-HCG monoclonal two-point enzyme immunoassay. Endocrine diseases such as pituitary disease, hyperthyroidism, gynecological diseases such as ovarian cyst, uterine cancer HCG can also increase.

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