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What are the adverse reactions of urokinase?

  Urokinase can directly act on the endogenous fibrinolytic system and catalyze the lysis of plasminogen into fibrinolytic enzyme, which can not only degrade fibrinogen clots, but also degrade fibrinogen, coagulation factor Ⅴ and coagulation factor in blood circulation, so as to play the role of thrombolysis.

  Adverse reactions should be noted when using urokinase:

  1, when the dosage is large, a few patients may have bleeding phenomenon, mild bleeding such as skin, mucous membrane, naked eye and microscope hematuria, blood sputum or small amount of hemoptysis, hematemesis, etc., take appropriate measures, the symptoms can be relieved. In case of serious bleeding, such as a large number of haemoptysis or digestive tract hemorrhage, retroperitoneal bleeding, intracranial and spinal cord, mediastinal or pericardium hemorrhage, etc., should be suspended use, loss of blood to lose whole blood (it is better to blood, do not use the generation of plasma), can get effective control, consider using amino caproic acid in an emergency, aminomethylbenzoic acid against urokinase.

What are the adverse reactions of urokinase?

  2, a few patients can appear allergic reaction: generally mild, such as bronchospasm, rash and so on. Occasionally anaphylactic shock is seen.

  3, fever: about 2 ~ 3% of patients can see different degrees of fever. Acetaminophen can be used as an antipyretic. Do not use aspirin or other antiplatelet effect of antipyretics.

  4. Others: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, and elevation of ALT can also be seen. Can cause bleeding, a few have allergic reaction, headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and so should be stopped immediately.

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