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What do Urokinase manufacturers say are the adaptation symptoms of Urokinase

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  Urokinase is mainly used in thrombolytic therapy for thromboembolic diseases. Patients with acute generalized pulmonary embolism, coronary embolism and myocardial infarction within 6-12 hours of chest pain, acute cerebrovascular embolism with symptoms shorter than 3-6 hours, retinal artery embolism and other peripheral artery embolism with severe symptoms of ilio-femoral vein thrombosis. It is also used to prevent thrombosis after artificial heart valve operation, keep vascular intubation and drainage tube of thoracic cavity and pericardium patency, etc. The efficacy of thrombolysis was maintained by subsequent anticoagulation with heparin.

What do Urokinase manufacturers say are the adaptation symptoms of Urokinase

  Urokinase is an enzymatic thrombolytic drug, which can activate plasminogen to plasminolytic enzyme in vivo, thus hydrolyzing fibrin to dissolve freshly formed thrombus. For acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebral thrombosis and cerebrovascular embolism, arteriovenous thrombosis around limbs, arteriovenous thrombosis in the central retina and other fresh thrombosis occlusive diseases. Urokinase has no obvious effect on old thrombus. It is also suitable for the treatment of cerebral thrombosis, peripheral vascular embolism, central retinal vascular embolism, acute myocardial infarction and other fresh thromboembolic diseases, as well as renal transplantation, plastic surgery and other thrombosis, and has a good effect.

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