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The Urokinase manufacturer describes the main points about Urokinase

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  1. Dissolved liquid medicine is easy to deactivate. The unused liquid medicine should be discarded and should not be preserved for reuse.

  2. Antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs must be given after thrombolytic therapy to inhibit the potential tendency of thrombus recurrence. Therefore, it is advisable to combine urokinase with low-dose aspirin (160mg) at the beginning of thrombolytic therapy, and continue to use aspirin for 1 month after thrombolysis to reduce the mortality in the acute phase and within 15 months, but the bleeding tendency is slightly worse.

The Urokinase manufacturer describes the main points about Urokinase

  3. When bleeding with urokinase is used, the symptoms of mild bleeding can be alleviated by taking appropriate measures; Serious bleeding should be stopped immediately. Whole blood transfusion (preferably blood, not plasma substitute) can be effectively controlled when blood loss occurs. Aminohexanoic acid and aminomethylbenzoic acid can be considered to counteract the effect of urokinase in emergency situations.

  4. If there is fever in the process of medication, acetaminophen can be used for symptomatic antipyretic treatment, but aspirin or other antipyretic drugs with anti-platelet effect can not be used.

  5. In the process of thrombolysis, if the incomplete thrombus falls off, thrombolysis should be continued to dissolve the embolus.

  6. The dissolution of pulmonary embolism is often accompanied by hemodynamic changes, so it is necessary to take measures to maintain blood pressure.

  7. Thrombolytic therapy for deep vein thrombosis can accelerate thrombolysis and promote rapid blood flow reconstruction. Theoretically, it is a more preferable treatment than anticoagulation, but thrombolytic therapy is not a routine treatment for patients with deep vein thrombosis because the incidence of massive bleeding is higher than that of heparin anticoagulation.

  8. Thrombolysis of arterial thrombosis combined with surgical treatment can narrow the scope of surgery, so thrombolysis should be timely. Thrombolysis with perforated catheter can increase the success rate.

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