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Urofollitropin price for how long it takes to ovulate

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  Some couples who have been married for many years have never had children, but they really want them. Some people choose FSH, which is a gonadal injection that helps the woman ovulate, while the man has a chorionic gonadal hormone injection. So, how long does FSH ovulate? Let's take a look.

Urofollitropin price for how long it takes to ovulate

  How long does the urine follicle stimulating hormone play ovulate

  The gonadotropin helps the follicles grow, and the follicle growth and the date of ovulation should be monitored one week before ovulation, especially within 3-4 days of ovulation. Generally, if menstruation is normal at ordinary times, ovulation period is in the middle of two periods, such as 30 days between two periods, usually within 14-16 days of ovulation. But if the endocrine disorder, not necessarily. However 16 days, the general situation has exceeded the time.

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