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The role of Human chorionic gonadotropin API Supplier

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  The functions of the trophin are as follows:

       1.It can promote follicle development and maturation, and stimulate follicle ovulation; Make it after ovulation into luteum, promote its secretion of progesterone; Clinically, it can be used to treat anovulatory infertility.

The role of Human chorionic gonadotropin API Supplier

  2. It promotes the interstitial cytokine-like effect, promotes the development of male organs, improves the function of convoluted seminiferous tubules, and promotes the production of sperm; Clinically, it can be used for the treatment of male dysfunction, undescended testicles and other andrology diseases.

  3. It can treat abnormal uterine bleeding and threatened abortion or habitual abortion caused by low luteal function.

  4. It also has diagnostic function: it can be used for the diagnosis of pregnancy and assist in judging the situation of embryonic development.

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