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The Urokinase manufacturer describes the points to note when taking Urokinase

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  Points to note when taking urokinase

  1. Before application of this product, patients should be determined for hematocrit, platelet count, thrombin time (TT), prothrombin time (PT), and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT). TT and APTT should be less than 2-fold extension range;

  2. During medication, patients' reactions should be closely observed, such as pulse rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, bleeding tendency, etc., and recorded at least once every 4 hours;

The Urokinase manufacturer describes the points to note when taking Urokinase

  3. During intravenous administration, puncture is required to be successful once to avoid local bleeding or hematoma;

  4. During arterial puncture administration, pressure should be applied to the puncture area for at least 30 minutes after administration, and then pressurized and bandaged with sterile bandage and dressing to avoid bleeding;

  5.The use of this product in the following circumstances will increase the risk, should weigh the advantages and disadvantages after careful use of this product;

  (1) Patients who delivered within the last 10 days, underwent tissue biopsy, venipuncture or major surgery, and patients with severe gastrointestinal bleeding;

  (2) Patients at high risk of left ventricular thrombosis, such as mitral stenosis with atrial fibrillation;

  (3) Patients with subacute bacterial endocarditis;

  (4) Patients with bleeding tendency or coagulation disorder secondary to liver and kidney diseases;

  (5) Pregnant women, cerebrovascular disease, and diabetic hemorrhagic retinopathy.

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