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Hormone API Manufacturer Hormone is important

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  The importance of female hormones

  Stay feminine

  Estrogen is not only the female physiological hormone, but also the female youth hormone and health hormone. Once the woman estrogen is reduced, the skin will become rough, wrinkles early, brittle bones, fat will increase.

  The prime mover of happiness

  Serotonin levels affect our mood and appetite. When serotonin drops, our body experiences depression or loss of control, aches and pains, and sleeplessness.

Hormone API Manufacturer Hormone is important


  Androgen is the trigger of libido, and when androgen drops, libido drops. Fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen and the proportion of muscle decreases. In addition, people become depressed even when they are easily tired and lack of energy.

  Direct food absorption

  Insulin can regulate the metabolism of various nutrients in the body and is essential to maintain normal metabolism. But as women age, insulin overdoses seem inevitable.

  Fulfill a woman's duty

  Its main function is "pregnancy", complete a series of tasks such as conception, let a woman realize the dream of motherhood, it is perimenopausal the earliest drop in the hormone. Progesterone prevents and prevents breast and endometrial cancers.

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