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Hormone API Manufacturer Hormones function and decompose?

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Hormone API Manufacturer Hormones function and decompose?

  There are 75 kinds of hormone of above inside human body, among them 25 kinds are protein kind hormone, there are more than 50 kinds are steroid hormone, hormone is these 75 kinds of hormone that say normally. Hormones regulate the constant internal environment of human metabolism, coordination between organs, growth and reproduction. It not only affects the growth, development and emotional performance of a normal person, but also is an important factor in maintaining the health of various organ systems in the body. Once it is unbalanced, the body will appear pathological changes. Hormones play an important role in whether a person achieves physical and mental health. Hormones are produced by endocrine glands and transported by blood to all parts of the body to maintain cellular coordination. Modern medical research has found that the main raw material of human hormones is provided by the steroidal parent nucleus contained in people's intake of food. More than a dozen of these hormones play an important role in health and aging.

  Hormones are involved in the chemicals that control cells, determining how much food they burn and how much energy they release; They also determine whether the cells of the body produce milk, hair, secretions, enzymes, or other metabolisms. It's also a very powerful molecule. Even a third of a gram of the hormone works, but they are so small that they are hard to spot even with a microscope.

  We can think of hormones as chemical keys that unlock (lock) metabolism. When the hormone key turns, it stimulates the cells of the brain, intestines, muscles, reproductive organs, and skin to work. In fact, all the cells in our body are influenced to some extent by the magic key of hormones.

  Without hormones, the metabolic locks on human cells can't be unlocked and cells can't reach their full potential. When hormones are not balanced, serious problems can occur, such as personality changes, loss of libido, mood swings, agoraphobia, poor memory, insomnia, chills, obesity, blood sugar problems, allergies and inflammation.