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Hormone API Manufacturer Hormone benefits for women?

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  The effects of hormones on women

  The ovary is an important endocrine gland that secretes a variety of hormones, mainly estrogen and progestogen, and a small amount of androgens.

Hormone API Manufacturer Hormone benefits for women?

  Progesterone has:

  A: To ensure that pregnancy can be carried out safely and smoothly.

  B: Promote the development of breast vesicles and ducts.

  C: It can relax the smooth muscles of blood vessels and digestive tract.

  The aging of the body is a lack of hormones

  Female hormones are the source of a woman's youth

  Female hormones keep the body healthy and the skin glowing.

  Female hormones are a woman's best friend...

  The ovaries, the makers of female hormones, begin to lose their function at age 30. Among them, progesterone and estrogen secretion will be reduced, so that the female body hormone is in a state of perennial insufficiency.

  Increase as age, ovarian function declines gradually, the hormone inside body secretes quantity to also be met gradually reduce, make you feel old oneself.

  Especially during menopause, hormone secretion almost stops, leading to menopausal depression and even suicidal thoughts...

  Menopause is a transitional period when ovarian function gradually declines and the reproductive organs begin to atrophy. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55.

  Some women before and after menopause, may appear in a series of vegetative nerve dysfunction syndrome, known as menopause syndrome.

  Hormones are responsible for the symptoms of menopause.

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