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Urokinase crude product processing and extraction process includes what

  Urokinase crude is an important raw material for finishing urokinase, which has high production technology and large market demand. Kangyuan Company has a professional technical team and production and processing workshop, specializing in the production and supply of urokinase and other production raw materials. Today, our company will briefly explain the processing and extraction process of urokinase crude products to you.

        1.Collection: After filling the bucket with urine, store it in a cool place. Adjust the urine PH until below 6.5. Urine is easy to deteriorate in summer, and 0.8 phenol is added to prevent deterioration. Each collection of urine should be processed within 8 hours. Precipitation treatment: keep urine below 10℃, adjust PH value to 8.5 with sodium hydroxide, mix evenly, stand for 1 hour, after precipitation, siphon out supernatant with rubber hose, acidify to PH value 5-5.5. Diatomite adsorption, according to the proportion of urine volume l after acidification, adding pre-cleaning treatment into neutral diatomite, adsorption at 5℃.

Urokinase crude product processing and extraction process includes what

  2, elution. First, the diatomite adsorbent was washed once with cool water at 5℃, then loaded into the diatomite column and washed with ammonia water to make the washing solution clear from muddy, and then washed with ammonia water and sodium chloride solution. Urokinase is collected when the water flowing from the diatomite column turns muddy from clear.

  The above crude urokinase processing and extraction process, I hope to help you understand the product; We will continue to share with you in the future. Welcome to continue to follow us.