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Explain the basic pharmacological action of urokinase

  Urokinase is a basic biologic product that can be used in a wide range of pathologic processes. For everyone to explain the introduction of urokinase basic pharmacological action what, the following specific understanding.

  Urokinase itself does not bind to fibrin, but directly acts on the plasminogen on the surface of blood clots to break the arginine-valine bond in the plasminogen molecule, resulting in the thrombolytic effect of plasminogen. The presence of urokinase receptors on endothelial and monocyte surfaces increases the catalytic activity of UK. Urokinase is an endogenous plasminogen activator contained in human plasma and urine.

Explain the basic pharmacological action of urokinase

  Precautions before application, thrombolytic adverse indications, impact administration and treatment of thrombolytic complications are the same as SK, as detailed in the previous section of this chapter. The importance of positive diagnosis must be emphasized before thrombolytic therapy. Powder for urokinase injection was dissolved with 5ml water for injection and diluted with 0.9% normal saline or 5% glucose. This product can not be diluted with acidic liquid, lest its efficacy decrease. It is recommended to filter UK through a 0.45μm aperture filter membrane before infusion.

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