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The effect of heparin sodium sealed tube injection

  Heparin sodium seal the role of injection, mainly is to make the intravenous injection device to keep the pipeline unobtrusive, such as indwelling needle, a variety of catheter, used to prevent the formation of thrombosis.

  Adequate doses of heparin sodium injection should be injected into the injector to fill the injector, and a new injection should be replaced before each use. Before administering the drug through the injector, it should be checked for the presence of returning blood to confirm that the tube is open and in the correct position.

  If the drug used is contraintated with heparin sodium, the entire device should be rinsed with normal saline before and after administration. After the second rinse, heparin sodium is injected into the lumen for tube sealing. The instructions should be read carefully before use. Generally, heparin can be kept in the device for more than four hours.