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Definition of osteoarthritis

  Osteoarthritis refers to a degenerative disease with joint pain as the main symptom caused by soft joint fibrosis, chaps, ulcers and loss caused by a variety of factors. The etiology is not clear, and its occurrence is related to age, obesity, inflammation, trauma and genetic factors. The pathological features are articular cartilage degeneration and destruction, subchondral osteosclerosis or cystic change, joint border hyperosteogeny, synovial lesions, joint capsule contracture, ligament relaxation or contracture, muscle atrophy and so on.

  Osteoarthritis is classified as primary and secondary. Primary osteoarthritis mainly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, without clear systemic or local inducement, and genetic and physical factors have a certain relationship. Secondary osteoarthritis can occur in young adults, secondary to trauma, inflammation, joint instability, cumulative strain or congenital disease.

  Osteoarthritis is treated to relieve pain, delay disease progression, correct deformities, improve or restore joint function, and improve quality of life. The general treatment principle of osteoarthritis is to choose ladder and individual treatment according to the patient's age, gender, weight, self risk factors, lesion site and degree.