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What do the numerical results of human chorionic gonadotropin mean

  Human chorionic gonadotropin is a sugar du protein zhi secreted by trophoblastic cells of placental BAI. General non-pregnant women: blood HCG<100mIU/mL

  Serum human chorionic follicular stimulating hormone (ZHUAN), a commonly used indicator for the diagnosis of early pregnancy SHU pregnancy-induced pregnancy, can also be used for the early detection and differential diagnosis of abnormal pregnancy diseases, also known as human placental chorionic gonadotropin. It's called HCG, HCG.

What do the numerical results of human chorionic gonadotropin mean

  Its clinical significance is as follows:

  Elevated serum HCG is the most common manner in early pregnancy in women of childbearing age. After conception, the blood HCG increased rapidly and reached a peak value of 10,000-12,000 g/L at 60-80 days gestation, then decreased gradually to a minimum at 160-180 days gestation, but it was still significantly higher than normal, and then increased slightly and continued to maintain until delivery. During twin pregnancy, serum HCG was more than doubled than that of single fetus. In ectopic pregnancy, serum HCG was lower than that in normal pregnancy.

  2. If the serum HCG of a woman during early pregnancy is significantly lower or continuous monitoring shows a downward trend, it predicts a threatened abortion.

  3. Incomplete surgery is suggested if the serum HCG level after induced abortion is still significantly higher than normal or exhibits an upward trend.

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