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Effects of ulinastatin for injection on the gastrointestinal tract

  Gastrointestinal surgery can lead to the activation of a variety of inflammatory mediators in the body, and release a large number of lysosomal enzymes and oxygen free radicals after surgery, leading to the destruction of gastrointestinal immune barrier, fibrinolytic system and coagulation system disorders, and aggravating postoperative tissue damage. In addition, gastrointestinal surgery can also lead to postoperative body immunity, abdominal infection and other complications, which will affect the prognosis of patients. Ulinastatin for injection can be used in the treatment of gastrointestinal surgery, so, the effect of ulinastatin for injection on gastrointestinal tract.

Effects of ulinastatin for injection on the gastrointestinal tract

  Ulinastatin for injection is a broad-spectrum protease inhibitor that can recognize and bind to cell membrane receptors, and its 10th serine chondroitin sulfate sugar chain has a negative charge, which can stabilize cell membrane and lysosomal membrane, inhibit the activity of chymotrypsin and trypsin in disease state, and contribute to stabilize membrane structure 50. In recent years, studies have also shown that ulinastatin can improve tissue perfusion and microcirculation, effectively eliminate oxygen free radicals, inhibit the excessive release of inflammatory mediators, reduce the damage caused by inflammatory damage and peroxidation, inhibit the coagulation factor, prevent the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin, and improve the coagulation function of patients.

  The results showed that ulinastar J injection had a great effect on postoperative inflammatory factors of gastrointestinal tract and peripheral blood T lymphocyte subgroups, and could effectively promote the release of inflammatory mediators in the body, improve cellular immune function, enhance the body's resistance, and reduce stress and damage to functional organs caused by surgery.

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