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How do you prepare the heparin for the seal?


  See on the net everybody USES heparin sodium seal tube standard to differ, mostly be to use a 12500 unit of heparin to add 100 mL of brine, but our unit say seal tube is to use a heparin to add 30 mL of brine, see again say so have an effect on coagulation system, but what basis?

  We are general surgery, the patient does not have haematological disease, need not consider the factor of this respect, I looked for a long time, did not find the material about this respect, ask the teacher to give directions!

  Zouxiaoyan: our hospital USES 100 salt water and a quarter of heparin sodium diluent to seal the tube. You can seal the tube with positive pressure of 4 mL each time. The effect is very good. Try it.

  @ tianshan sound: 0.9% NS 250 mL + heparin sodium injection (12500 units) 1 mL diluent sealing pipe, each time 10 mL positive pressure sealing tube, seal tube must clip after catheter, infusion extraction h. before every day, to seal pipe with liquid rinse after infusion, if no intravenous fluids within 24 h hours, applying heparin tube sealing liquid seal tube once again, to keep the pipe flow.

  Rongxq: first of all, you should be clear about the number of units per milliliter of sealing fluid used in your hospital. We usually use 100 units per milliliter of sealing fluid, 3-4 mL at a time, positive pressure sealing, good results.

  The concentration of sealing liquid is 10-100 units per mL. Our unit is 50 units /mL