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What determines the price of heparin sodium?

  Heparin sodium is a kind of natural rare polymer medicine, because of the special source, its price is much more expensive than ordinary chemical raw materials. Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of swine fever and environmental protection, the price of heparin sodium continues to go up, reaching a high price, of course, raw material small intestine prices are also rising.

  Large and small heparin processors are concerned about how long the heparin price cycle will last, hoping to get a good price. Since heparin preparation mainly relies on imported products in clinical quality, while crude production mainly relies on Chinese production, clinical demand is stable and continues to rise, while domestic crude production capacity declines due to swine fever and environmental protection. Therefore, the high price of heparin depends on the recovery of domestic and related production capacity.

  The heparin selling price of large and small crude product processing households is the price in a particular period, the price range is mainly determined by the quality and quantity of crude product heparin products, the more mature heparin processing technology, the better the quality, the greater the quantity, and the higher the extraction recovery rate, the more basic guarantee of the rate of return of processing. Of course also have to be subject to heparin boutique heparin sodium API processing plant price pressure, because the latter also want to obtain processing profit space.

  Related companies of this platform are specialized in research and product development related to heparin sodium. They can provide consignment sales of heparin crude products and technical services related to product quality and new product development, which can help to improve the sales price of heparin and effectively improve the utilization value of raw materials and increase the output value. The price of heparin crude products sold on the platform on a commission basis can be significantly increased, and the relevant companies of the platform only receive a certain percentage of the sales value-added; And there is technical support to help improve product quality so as to fundamentally improve quality. (please note: the commission is only a certain percentage of the added value of the original value, which can be negotiated and signed by both parties according to the specific situation.)

  Therefore, we hope to have a stable and wide range of sales channels, professional technical support, hope to improve the added value of raw material processing, contact us, cooperation is profitable, cooperation is the future direction of development. Contact information: please leave your phone number and WeChat at the message center below. We will contact you with relevant matters in time.