Industry Information

Method of operation for wet application of heparin sodium

  Configuration method:

  Add 2 heparin sodium injection 12500U/2ml into 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ML and mix thoroughly to make a wet dressing liquid. Pour the wet compress liquid into the disposable treatment bowl. Place several sheets of sterile gauze (6cm*8cm) in the treatment bowl and keep them well moistened.

  Wet application method:

  Take 5 sponges at a time, wet compress along the vein of venipuncture, fix with plastic wrap, and wrap with disposable paper tape. Two times a day, 2h each time.

  Follow these steps and apply a wet compress of heparin sodium. If you are interested, try it.

  However, the author reviewed its configuration and wet apply method, do the cost calculation: two heparin sodium injection + 1 bag of 250 ml saline combined 20 yuan, plus dressing supplies and nursing time cost, whether from the complexity of operation or patient comfort, response of phlebitis, heparin sodium shi fu may not be as the preferred.