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Introduction of urease manufacturers

  Kangyuan enterprise specializes in the production of urease products manufacturers, for many years to serve many customers, you can not miss the choice. Now follow Kangyuan Xiaobian to understand its details.

  Chinese alias: urease

  Appearance and shape: Powder

  Urease () CAS No.: 9002-13-5

  Storage conditions: - 20 ℃

Introduction of urease manufacturers

  The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and marketing, and is committed to providing related products and services for Chinese researchers in laboratory research, industrial research and industrial production. Since its establishment, customers have spread over biomedicine, fine chemical industry, environmental protection, analysis and detection, microelectronics industry and other high-tech frontier industries. Related products include high-purity chemicals, high-purity chemical reagents, solution preparation reagents, standard reference materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, material intermediates, etc. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality-oriented, innovation and win-win" and strives to provide professional services for customers. It is willing to be a great assistant of scientific research workers and contribute to China's high-tech development.

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