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Ulinastatin products can be used in?

  Main ingredients and chemical name of ulinastatin products: a glycoprotein isolated and refined from human urine, belonging to protease inhibitor. This product is white or yellowish freeze-dried block or powder. This strain is a refined glycoprotein extracted from human urine and belongs to protease inhibitor. It can inhibit the activity of trypsin and other trypsin, and is often used in the treatment of pancreatitis. In addition, the product has the functions of stabilizing lysosomal membrane, inhibiting the release of lysosomal enzyme and inhibiting the production of myocardial inhibitory factors, so it can be used in the rescue treatment of acute circulatory failure.

Ulinastatin products can be used in?

  You can take the modified product if you have the following symptoms:

  1. Acute pancreatitis; 2. Chronic recurrent pancreatitis; 3. Rescue adjuvant medication for acute circulatory failure.

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