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Urokinase manufacturers outline product evaluation methods

  Evaluation method of chemical reagent performance

  1. Stability: continuous observation and daily test; Thermal acceleration test.

  2. Reaction sensitivity: The absorbance change or rate of change of reactants per unit concentration is directly calculated.

  3. Precision: follow NCCLS EP5-A.

  4. Accuracy: NCCLS EP9-A2.

  5. Linear range: follow NCCLS EP6-A.

  6. Matrix effect: Determined by recovery test

  7. Anti-interference: according to NCCLS EP7-A.

Urokinase manufacturers outline product evaluation methods

  Urokinase storage

  1 The prepared reagent is generally stored in the experimental operation area, and the storage condition is slightly lower than that of the chemical reagent storage room, so its management is particularly important. In addition to implementing chemical storage requirements,

  Special attention should be paid to changes in appearance.

  2. It shall be kept by the user. If any abnormality is found and cannot be used, it must be reformulated.

  3. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and avoid direct sunlight.

  4. The reagent should be kept sealed and replaced in time if the bottle mouth or cap is damaged.