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Urokinase manufacturers outline the product usage

  Rules for the use of chemical agents

  1. Chemical reagents used in chemical experiments, whether toxic or not, shall not be imported.

  2. The reagent should be obtained with a clean spoon. One medicine spoon cannot use two reagents at the same time. After each reagent is taken, it should be wiped clean.

  3. In the case of reagents, the solid reagents shall be packed in wide-moused bottles with plugs, and the liquid reagents shall be packed in narrow-mouted bottles. Alkaline solution should be stored in a small bottle with a rubber stopper to avoid adhesion to the bottle mouth.

  4. When opening the stopper of volatile liquid, the mouth of the bottle should not be pointed to the eyes in case the steam from the bottle will harm the eyes after the stopper is opened.

Urokinase manufacturers outline the product usage

  5. For reagents that are easy to be deliriable and weathered, the bottle cap should be tightly closed after use. When not in use for a long time, the bottle cap can be sealed with paraffin wax or sealed with a rubber cover. And keep in a low temperature dry place.

  6. After the reagent is taken out, the unused remaining parts shall not be put back into the original bottle, so as to avoid contaminating the original bottle of reagent.

  7. The reactant residue and waste liquid after the experiment should be poured into the designated container. In particular, dangerous goods (such as white phosphorus, metallic sodium, concentrated acid, strong oxidant and organic solvent) must be treated before being poured into the waste tank.

  2) Storage of chemical reagents

  Large quantities of chemicals should be kept in a special storage room with a special keeper.

  3. Standard substances

  Definition: Substance used to calibrate instruments, calibrate solution concentrations, and evaluate analytical methods.