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How much is ulinastatin?

  How much is ulinastatin usually? Many people with pancreatitis may want to know, here are some questions about ulinastatin.

  First of all, it is best not to inject ulinastatin privately to avoid causing discomfort. Because some patients with pancreatitis can be treated with ulinastatin, but some patients with pancreatitis can not be treated with ulinastatin, and without professional medical knowledge, blind injection of ulinastatin is not only easy to cause endocrine disorders, but also may cause drug poisoning. So it's best to go to the hospital to buy and use ulinastatin.

How much is ulinastatin?

  Secondly, the cost of ulinastatin varies from hospital to hospital. Believe a lot of experienced people, have encountered black hospital when going to a doctor. The charge of these black hospital is very high, the price of an ulinastatin of normal hospital only needs dozens of yuan, but if be in black hospital, reach possibly hundreds of yuan. Moreover, for the patients with pancreatitis, it is certainly impossible to just give an injection when visiting the black hospital, and they need to cooperate with other treatments, so the final cost may reach tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, we must go to the regular hospital to buy ulinastatin.

  Finally, choose the real ulinastatin. Because ulinastatin is not produced by one manufacturer, but sold by many manufacturers, it is mixed with inferior products from some small manufacturers. The price of ulinastatin from big-name manufacturers is relatively higher due to various cost effects. The general main price war produced by small manufacturers, so the price should be lower. Patients should also check with their doctor before purchasing ulinastatin.