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Ulinastatin instructions for usage and dosage

  Urokinase should be prepared with sterilized saline or 5% glucose solution for injection before use.

  1. Pulmonary embolism: the initial dose of 4,400 units/kg of body weight was prepared with normal saline solution or 5% glucose solution, and was finished in 10 minutes at the speed of 90ml/h; Subsequently, intravenous infusion was administered at a rate of 4,400 units per hour for 2 or 12 hours. In the case of pulmonary embolism, it can also be injected through the pulmonary artery after being prepared with normal saline at 15,000 units per kilogram of body weight. If necessary, the dosage can be adjusted according to the disease, and the drug can be repeated once every 24 hours, with a maximum of three times.

  2. Myocardial infarction: It is suggested that after the preparation with normal saline, the coronary artery should be continuously administered for 2 hours at the rate of 6000 units/min. Before the infusion, heparin 2500 ~ 10000 units should be given intravenously. The product can also be prepared in 2 to 3 million units after intravenous drip, 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Ulinastatin instructions for usage and dosage

  3. Peripheral arterial thrombosis: The product was prepared with normal saline (concentration: 2500 units/ml) and blood clot was injected through a catheter at a speed of 4000 units/min, and the catheter was cliped once every 2 hours; The infusion rate can be adjusted to 1000 units/min until the clot dissolves.

  4. Prevention and treatment of thrombosis after heart valve replacement: Thrombosis is one of the most common complications after heart valve replacement. This product can be used 4400 units/kg body weight, 10 minutes to 15 minutes after the preparation of normal saline drops. They were then maintained by iv drip at 4400 units/kg bW/h. When the valve function is normal, the drug is discontinued. Discontinue medication if medication is not effective within 24 hours or if there is a tendency to severe bleeding.

  5. Empyema or pericardial abscess: when commonly treated with antibiotics and drainage of pus, the drainage tube is often blocked by fibrin clots. At this point, 10,000 to 250,000 units of the product (5000 units/ml) can be prepared by injecting sterilizing water into the pleural cavity or pericardial cavity. It can keep the drainage tube unobstructed and prevent pleural or pericardial adhesion or pericardial constriction.

  6. Ophthalmic application: used to dissolve the anterior chamber blood clot caused by intraocular hemorrhage. It disintegrates the blood clot and facilitates surgical removal. Often dosage is 5000 units with 2 milliliter normal saline make up rinse front room.

  That's the description of urokinase, please stay tuned for more information.