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Introduction to ulinastatin

  Ulinastatin is a trypsin inhibitor produced by guangdong tianpu biochemical pharmaceutical co., LTD. Ulinastatin's unique molecular structure determines the unique anti - inflammatory effect of the enzyme, is recommended in the guidelines!

Introduction to ulinastatin

  The pharmacological action of ulinastatin

  (1) enzyme inhibition of ulinastatin: ulinastatin can inhibit the activities of pancreatic digestive enzymes related to the development of AP, such as trypsin, elastase, phospholipase A, etc.

  (2) anti-inflammatory effect of ulinastatin: ulinastatin can inhibit the transition release of inflammatory mediators, stabilize the lysosomal membrane and stabilize the cell membrane; Reduce inflammatory mediators and damage, improve pancreatic microcirculation, reduce AP complications.