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How did human chorionic gonadotropin drop to return a responsibility

  Nowadays, people attach great importance to good birth and good birth, and they are afraid of giving birth to a child with problems due to their negligence when they are pregnant. Therefore, there are many pregnancy tests from pregnancy to birth. Human villi gonadotropin is well known in pregnancy. So the human chorionic gonadotrophin went down what happened? Next, we will understand it in detail.

  In fact, human chorionic gonadotropin is a glycoprotein formed by the secretion of trophoblastic cells of the placenta. Many pregnant women often have the symptoms of hypogonadotropin decline in human villi. After pregnancy, the pregnancy capsule will secrete human villi gonadotropin.

How did human chorionic gonadotropin drop to return a responsibility

  Human chorionic gonadotropin mainly reflects embryonic development. So the decline of gonadotropin in human villi is usually considered to be a manifestation of fetal dysplasia. However, a slight decrease in the gonadotropin of human villi after eight to ten weeks of pregnancy is considered normal. Pregnant women should not be too nervous. Because after the human villi gonadotrophin peaks, there is a fluctuating physiological decline. No special treatment is required.

  But if the human villi gonadotrophin starts to drop about eight to ten weeks ago, it's time to pay attention. Go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment. At this time of the human chorionic gonadotropin is low, generally because of the pregnant woman's body progesterone is too low, at this time, pregnant women must pay attention to, if the symptoms are more serious, to timely fetal preservation, can be injected by progesterone to promote the rise of the index, in addition to take some fetal protection pills.

  Read the introduction of the above I believe that we all know the human chorionic gonadotropin decreased how to return a responsibility, in fact, during pregnancy, pregnant women do not partial diet, diet to diversify, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more high-protein food. Still have a person chorionic gonadotropin to drop, notice to have more rest even. It takes a long time to reach normal levels.