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The pharmacological action of ulinastatin

  The pharmacological action of ulinastatin

  1. The inhibitory action can effectively inhibit the activities of trypsin, motrypsin, granulocyte elastase and cathepsin, and relieve the damage of blood hydrolases on tissue cells;

  2. Anti-inflammatory action inhibits the release of inflammatory cytokines and lysosomal enzymes, stabilizes the cell membranes of monocytes and neutrophils, and reduces the release of inflammatory mediators;

  3. The effect of improving microcirculation and tissue perfusion inhibits the generation of myocardial inhibitory factors, reduces the generation of kalin, stabilizes lysosomal membrane, and improves metabolic abnormalities. Ulinastatin, a drug derived from the human body, was made for clinical use in Japan in 1986, and in our country in 1999. In clinical practice, new application fields have been redeveloped, the initial anti-pancreatitis, anti-shock and defense of surgical stimulation, and developed into the anti-inflammatory, the protection of viscera as the specialty of urgent and critical areas of common use of drugs.

  Ulinastatin is different from the therapeutic drugs that antagonize one or several cytokines, and it does not bring side effects like glucocorticoid, such as immunosuppression, stress ulcer bleeding and osteoporosis. As an anti-inflammatory supplement in vivo, ulinastatin has a positive correlation between the severity of the disease and the dose needed to be supplemented. SIRS is regulated by a complex signaling network, and a single drug that antagonizes a certain cytokine is ineffective. Clinical practice has proved that when SIRS is treated with ulinastatin in vitro, the progress of SIRS is successfully blocked and intervened by inhibiting the excessive activation of inflammatory reactions-related hydrolases and inflammatory cells. At present, ulinastatin is widely used in the treatment of SAP, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, severe multiple trauma, compound injury, burn, sepsis and shock.