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Urokinase in the treatment of tuberculosis pleurisy

(1) urokinase pleural injection in the treatment of tuberculosis pleurisy

Tuberculous exudative pleurisy early pleural hyperemia swelling, to form more pleural effusion, including a large number of long fiber proteins exist in the chest, easy deposition chest to form cellulose, blocking lymphatic hole, affect the pleural effusion absorption back, not only affects the thoracic fluid backflow, pleural effusion and aggravated, so the fibrin in the process of pleural thickening adhesions on the right, initiating and aggravate, urokinase as the first generation of nonspecific fibrinolytic enzyme activation, by increasing the fibrinolytic enzyme activity, fibrinolytic enzyme and type no. Combined with fibrin degradation of fibrinolytic enzyme, reduce fibrin in thoracic fluid, viscosity reducing pleural effusion, cracking fiber separation. The elimination of pleural surface septum and adhesion, conducive to pleural effusion drainage, cellulose is not easy to deposit, reduce pleural thickening and adhesion, lung full reexpansion, improve restricted ventilation obstacles.

(2) effects of intrathoracic urokinase injection on fibrinolytic activity and pleural hypertrophy in patients with tuberculous pleurisy

Chest cavity injection of urokinase can heighten pleural effusion fibrinolytic activity and reduce Ⅲ type before Ⅲ (PC) concentration of collagen, can reduce the pleura hypertrophy and pleural adhesion.