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Application of urokinase with different dose in blocking of deep venous catheter in patients with malignant tumor

Objective: to investigate the clinical effect of urokinase with different doses in dredging the blockage of deep venous catheter in malignant tumors. Methods 2 million U urokinase was added to 500ml normal saline (concentration of 4000U/ml) for dredging catheter treatment, and the control group was treated with urokinase with a concentration of 2000U/ml for dredging catheter treatment. Results the total recanalization rate of the observation group was 95.56%, significantly higher than the control group of 86.04%, the difference was statistically significant (P0.05). Conclusion 4000U/ml urokinase can effectively and safely dredge the blocked deep venous catheter in malignant tumors.