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Common causes of PICC tube blockage

1. Clotting tube

Hemagglutinating tube blockage is caused by the change of infusion pressure, improper flushing technique and inadequate flushing. When it is difficult to feel partial or total withdrawal or injection, it is suggested that the hemagglutinating tube is blocked. Angiography can also be used to determine whether there is thrombus formation in the catheter.

2. Mechanical plugging

Mechanical blockage is caused by catheter disentangling, displacement to jugular vein or contralateral brachial vein, and tip not reaching ideal position. The location of the catheter can also be confirmed by angiography.

3. Drug precipitating blockage

Due to the infusion of two or more incompatible drugs, the pipeline has precipitation, infusion of fat milk, albumin, amino acids and other high viscosity, large molecular particles will lead to liquid residue on the guide wall, easy to cause tube blocking.